Utica Man Arrested for Domestic Assault

Utica Man Arrested for Domestic Assault Click to Enlarge

The Winona County Sheriff’s Office says they have arrested 42-year-old Samuel Emery on domestic assault charges.

Deputies were called out to a Utica residence off Highway 14 Sunday afternoon to a report of a woman being assaulted. The woman said an argument escalated from her finding a pouch with drug paraphernalia in her home that she thought belonged to Emery.

She told deputies Emery became angry when she confronted him about the pouch. She said he ripped a chunk of her hair out of her scalp then punched himself in the face before he called 911.

Emery told deputies that she was looking for drugs and punched Emery in the face when he said he didn’t have any. Emery denied pulling the woman’s hair despite deputies finding a chunk of her hair in a garbage can. Officers did notice a red mark on Emery’s face.

Emery denied the pouch’s existence. Deputies did not find the pouch upon searching the home.

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