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Amazon pulls skin-lightening creams from site after demands from Minnesota activists

The retail giant removed the products after an online petition and a full-page newspaper ad demanded Amazon stop selling creams designed to lighten people’s skin.

Nickel per single-use store bag headed for Minneapolis City Council approval

Council members are expected to vote Friday on a plan to require grocery stores and other retailers to charge customers 5 cents for every bag they take.

Forest bathers: A slow hike can help your health

Advocates have brought the Japanese practice of “forest bathing” to Minnesota. They say attention-filled walks may improve physical and mental health.

MPR News AM Update: Fiona Hill’s day at the impeachment hearings

Plus a deep dive into Minnesota Nice and what it truly means.

'Perfect storm' of fall weather - and falling numbers - hits wheat farmers hard

Wheat farmers thought they had a solid crop that might turn a profit in a bleak year for agriculture. Then they hauled the crop to the elevator and found out an unexpected problem sharply reduced the value of the crop. It’s a story about weather, chemistr…

A cry for help summoned the police — and ended in his death

What happened to Keaton Larson one year ago was not unique. About 1 in 5 fatal police shootings across the country last year involved a person with mental illness.

Democrats have wrapped their public case on impeachment. What comes next?

Members of Congress used marathon testimony over two weeks to try to convince Americans that they should impeach and remove President Trump. The United States Senate, at least, isn't sold. Now what?

Minnesotans with Ukrainian ties dismayed by hearings

Ukraine’s prominent role in the Washington impeachment probe is being watched with concern by Minnesotans who have strong ties to the country.

Ask a 'sotan: Revisiting 'Minnesota Nice'

Where does the term “Minnesota Nice” come from? How does it speak to our culture? It’s a topic that has been heavily debated and explored. But the curiosity behind the phenomenon was enough to prompt a new question from our audience, and we sought answers…

TSA reopens strategic checkpoint at Twin Cities airport

Transportation Security Administration officials have decided to reopen a Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport checkpoint it closed earlier this week claiming it was underused.