​William “Will” Lee Stoltman

​William “Will” Lee Stoltman, 60 of Winona

​Dolores Slaby

​Dolores Slaby, 93, of Arcadia

​Martha R. Hansen

​Martha R. Hansen, 101, of Galesville

Walter “Shorty” Parpart

Walter “Shorty” Parpart, 93 of Winona

​Marcella “Marcie” Ann Northouse

​Marcella “Marcie” Ann Northouse, 80 of Winona

​Duane “Dewy” Hahn

​Duane “Dewy” Hahn, 58, of Caledonia

​Doris L. Girtler

​Doris L. Girtler, 94 of Winona

​Albert Giemza

​Albert Giemza, 76, of Independence

​Dorothy Lucille Sobotta

​Dorothy Lucille Sobotta, 95, of Arcadia

​Richard “Dick” Donald Patrick Feuling

​Richard “Dick” Donald Patrick Feuling, 86, of Blair