County Releases Detailed COVID-19 Data

County Releases Detailed COVID-19 Data Click to Enlarge

(KWNO) Winona County health officials released a new batch of more specific COVID-19 data Wednesday evening.

As of Wednesday, the county has 44 active cases of COVID-19. 171 residents are out of isolation, 12 cases have required hospitalization.

87% (201) of the county’s cases have been confirmed in the Winona zip code, 5% (11) of confirmed cases are from the St. Charles zip code and 19 cases have been confirmed in other zip codes within the county. 7,258 residents have taken a COVID-19 test with a test positivity rate of 2.5%.

Other information (based on 231 confirmed cases):

Average age of fatal cases (16 total): 82

Average age of ICU cases (3 total): 81

Average age of hospitalization: 44

Cases by Age: 0-19:16, 20-39: 109, 40-59: 39, 60-79: 35, 80+: 28

Death age range: 67-100+

ICU age range: 65-83

Hospitalization age range: less than 10-85

Case age range: less than 10-100+

Cases by Gender: Female: 120, Male: 111

Symptom Expression: Symptomatic cases: 149, Asymptomatic: 40 Unkown: 42

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