Habitat for Humanity Receives Matching Grants

Habitat for Humanity Receives Matching Grants Click to Enlarge

(KWNO) The Habitat for Humanity Winona-Fillmore Counties has received matching $40,000 grants to contiue their operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The grants are from the Slaggie Family Foundation and Steve and Jane Napieralskithat.

Habitat Executive Director Amanda Hedlund told KWNO the non-profit's bottom line has been hurt by the pandemic. Like many non-profits, the habitat had to postpone its top fundraising event and has closed its ReStore, another key stream of income.

Hedlund said their work remains essential, saying some community members need roofs fixed, wheelchair ramps installed and other important home projects completed.

“These amazing gifts will help Habitat for Humanity come through this pandemic swinging hammers and raising roofs for people in need of an affordable place to live,” said Hedlund. “We are grateful to the Slaggie family and to Steve and Jane for their incredible generosity, and for uniting the community around affordable housing."

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