Klobuchar is Running for President

Klobuchar is Running for President Click to Enlarge

In whiteout conditions at Boom Island Park in Minneapolis, Senator Amy Klobuchar announced she was running for President of the United States.

The theme of Klobucahr's speech was turning obstacles into opportunities.

Klobuchar touched on some of her campaign promises during her address. Klobuchar advocated for universal healthcare, overturning Citizens United, restoring the voting rights act and passing a bill to register all young Americans to vote.

Klobuchar came out for fighting climate change. She said she will introduce legislation to invest in clean energy jobs and would rejoin the Paris Climate accords.

Klobuchar touched on gun rights. Citing Minnesota’s hunting and fishing passion, Klobuchar called for passing universal background checks and “common sense” gun laws.

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