MN Sen. President Jeremy Miller Joins “In the Know”

MN Sen. President Jeremy Miller Joins “In the Know” Click to Enlarge

On his weekly interview on “In the Know” Minnesota Senate President Jeremy Miller (R-Winona) shared new legislation, his stances on clean energy and sports gambling legalization.

Miller said he supports clean energy but has an issue with clean energy being mandated by the state of Minnesota. Miller said the mandate would raise energy rates and points out energy companies are trending in the direction.

Miller shared two bills he will introduce in the Senate. He said constituents came to him with the idea to establish a commission to fight rare diseases, many of which are diagnosed to children. He hopes to introduce the bill this week.

The second bill was also brought to Miller by a constituent. The bill would undo laws that prevent someone with an epi pen from sharing it with someone else in the event of an emergency. Miller said it would model a Wisconsin state law called Dylan’s law and hopes to introduce it in the next week or two.

Miller said he’s been working on legalizing sports betting since the Supreme Court ruled it legal. Miller is hopeful it’s something that can be done in the next session or two but said it will have to work through opposition by the Indian Gaming Commission.

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