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-Winona County Sheriff's Office-

(12/2, 12:30 a.m.) Deputies responded to a single-vehicle crash in the area of County Roads 12 and 3.18-year-old Juan Ramon Certa Bautista of Cudahy, Wis. was cited for not having a driver's license. His passenger, 20-year-old Deshawn Patrick Micheal William of South Milwaukee, Wis., was cited for possessing a small amount of marijuana after the responding officer noticed the odor of marijuana. No injuries were reported.

(12/1, 12:24 a.m.) Deputies were called to an accident with injuries in the area of Stoneroller Rd. and County Rd. 7. The responding deputy noticed the driver, 39-year-old Troy J. Vail of Rochester, Minn., had blood-shot watery eyes, poor balance, and slurred speech. Vail was arrested on suspicion of DWI, pending blood test.

(11/28, 5:57 p.m.) Deputies responded to a report of a vehicle in the median on Interstate 90 near mile marker 249. The deputy detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage. The deputy observed the driver, 40-year-old Daniel D. Akur of Roan Oak, Va., had bloodshot watery eyes. A breath test revealed that Akur had a BAC of .16. He was charged for 2nd-Degree DWI due to a prior conviction within the last 10 years.

-Winona Police Department-

(12/1, 11:00 a.m.) An adult female from Winona reported her cellphone stolen from her vehicle at the 350 block of Main St.

(12/1, 10:49 a.m.) An adult male from Winona reported the theft of a pair of shoes and his work shirt from his unlocked vehicle at the 50 block of West 7th St.

(11/30, 11:05 p.m.) 52-year-old Timothy L. Thomas of Winona was charged for driving after revocation amicable public safety after being pulled over in the area of 6th and Vine Streets for having an obstructed license plate.

(11/30, 1:13 p.m.) 65-year-old Gary R. Lohmeier of Winona was ticketed for theft at Fleet Farm.

(11/29, 9:19 p.m.) 26-year-old Danielle L. Kingsley of Winona was cited for shoplifting at Walmart.

(11/29, 6:44 p.m.) 32-year-old Justine N. Gahnz and 41-year-old Aaron P. Devorak, both of Winona, were ticketed for theft at Walmart.

(11/29, 10:24 a.m.) An adult male from Winona reported the theft of a laptop from his vehicle at the 750 block of West 7th St. The man was unsure if his vehicle was locked.

(11/71, 10:17 a.m.) An adult female reported a ring stolen from her room at the Days Inn.

22 alternate side parking tickets were issued.

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