Rep. Gene Pelowski Joins “In the Know"

Rep. Gene Pelowski Joins “In the Know" Click to Enlarge

During his weekly interview on “In the Know,” Rep. Gene Pelowski (D-Winona) discussed a clean energy bill in the Minnesota House, felon voting and state legislation that would fight the opioid crisis.

On clean energy Pelowski called the bill a goal saying they don’t account for achieving 100% clean energy. Pelowski said the bill forces companies to do something they aren’t capable of doing. Pelowski said there will be a cost to rate payers to convert to clean energy.

Pelowski thinks there is a high likelihood of a bill to reform voting rights for convicted felons to pass. He said it’s part of rehabilitation once someone pays their debt to society.

Pelowski is hopeful a bill to raise the fee for opioid producers and distributers to operate in Minnesota passes and is signed into law. He said he is for anything that eliminates opioids as a problem for Minnesotans.

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