Rep. Gene Pelowski Joins “In the Know”

Rep. Gene Pelowski Joins “In the Know” Click to Enlarge

Representative Gene Pelowski joined “In the Know” to talk about Governor Tim Walz’s proposal to raise the gas tax, gun control bills in the house and MN-Lars.

Pelowski says Governor Walz’s gas tax increase doesn’t have the same amount of support that a tax increase did in 2007. He said the governor’s proposal is not likely to pass. Pelowski said the house has more important items to address, saying any tax increase passed in the house will be shot down in the Senate.

Pelowski was pessimistic about gun control bills getting to the governor’s desk. Pelowski said the Minnesota house should focus on bills that can pass the Senate.

Finally, Pelowski called for the state to look at the private sector for its licensing and registration program. He called the two other government ran programs disasters and said the state does not need a third attempt from the government.

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