Tornado Touches Down in Winona County

Tornado Touches Down in Winona County Click to Enlarge

(KWNO) A tornado touched down in Winona County Sunday night.

Storm spotters confirmed the touchdown in the central area of the county. Lewiston Fire Spotters say the funnel touched down between Wyattville and Stockton at 8:38 p.m.

A National Weather Service spotter told KWNO that a low-hanging funnel passed by Sugar Loaf but did not appear to touch down in Winona. Winona County Emergency Management says they did not receive reports of a touchdown in the City of Winona.

The storm proceeded into western-Wisconsin where residents say it began to weaken. Officials will investigate the touchdown area in the coming days to determine how long the funnel was on the ground, what kind of damage it caused, and how strong the wind speeds were.

Anyone who experienced damage or has images from the storm are asked to pass the information along to Emergency Management via social media.

Photo: Jon Briggs/Facebook

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