Winona Health COVID-19 Testing

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(KWNO) Winona Health has conducted over 7,000 COVID-19 tests through the end of last week.

4,181 of those tests have been swab tests and 3,068 anti-body tests have been conducted, according to the care provider’s testing website. 80 swab tests have returned a positive result while COVID-19 antibodies were confirmed in 89 testing participants.

“The majority of testing is being done right now for people who are more symptomatic,” said Winona Health President/CEO Rachelle Schultz on KWNO’s In the Know Monday morning.

Schultz says that anyone not experiencing symptoms can still get tested and would have their choice of taking the swab test or anti-body test.

"If you do the anti-body test and you find out that it’s positive, what you may or may not know is are you still carrying the virus? Or was that months ago? So, you may want to follow that up by taking the swab test,” Schultz said.

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