WSU Faces Budget Uncertainty Amid Pandemic

WSU Faces Budget Uncertainty Amid Pandemic Click to Enlarge

(KWNO) Like many other organizations, Winona State is trying to navigate the uncertainty and economic hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re looking at an impact just from COVID a minimum of $7 million for us. That’s been just in the past five to six months,” CFO Scott Ellinghuysen said during an interview on KWNO’s In the Know Tuesday.

He says the losses come from room and board refunds, safety costs, and lost revenue opportunities. Ellinghuysen will also keep an eye on the state legislature.

“40% of our money comes from the state of Minnesota and the taxpayers, which we are very thankful for, but the state’s budget shifted from a surplus to a deficit. There’s going to be things that will happen at the legislature and the capitol in the coming months that will impact us as well,” said Ellinghuysen.

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