Youngest Senate President

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State Senator Jeremy Miller (R-Winona) was officially sworn in as the youngest Senate president in the modern era when the Minnesota legislature reconvened for the 2019 legislative session on Tuesday.

“I am constantly overwhelmed with gratitude in this job,” said Sen. Miller. “Every day I cherish the fact that the residents of Fillmore, Houston, and Winona Counties continue to trust me as their voice at the Capitol, and now I am equally grateful to my colleagues for trusting me to preside over the Senate with the respect and dignity Minnesotans deserve.”

Minnesota’s Lieutenant Governor served as the Senate president from the state’s founding in 1858 until 1973, at which point the Minnesota Senate began electing its own presidents.

While there were younger Lieutenant Governors to serve as Senate president, at 35 years old, Senator Miller is the youngest state Senator in Minnesota history to serve as president. Senator Miller, who was 26 when he won his first election, was also the second youngest state Senator in Minnesota history.

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