​Rosemary “Punky” Terese Weltzien

​Rosemary “Punky” Terese Weltzien, 79, of Arcadia

​James Dean Infield

​James Dean Infield, 61 of Winona

​Leonard Joseph Hinrichs

​Leonard Joseph Hinrichs, 90, of Winona

​Robert “Red” E. Lee Sr

​Robert “Red” E. Lee Sr., 86 of Winona

​Dorothy Patrunella Feltes

​Dorothy Patrunella Feltes, 91, of Whitehall

Mareta Rupprecht

Mareta Rupprecht, 88, of St. Charles

​Clarence Breining

​Clarence Breining, 90, of Wabasha

​Leonard C. Millard

​Leonard C. Millard, 81, of St. Charles

​Jennifer Brave, 62

​Jennifer Brave, 62, of rural Arcadia

​Larry C. Roskos, 63

​Larry C. Roskos, 63, of rural Independence